Where Do We Stand in The Current Vaccine Debate?

With the current debate surrounding vaccinaton we have had numerous questions about our stance on vaccine decisions and mandatory vaccination. We, at WellFuture, spend our days thinking about and working towards the health of our children and our communities.

We don’t take this responsibility lightly. So many decisions that we must make as parents are difficult ones; we must constantly assess what is right for our children and that is no easy task, but it is an essential one. The current debate erases a valuable viewpoint, our viewpoint, that there is a middle ground. We acknowledge the importance that vaccines play in our healthcare and also support a parent’s right to choose what is best. Since starting our company in 2010, we have stood in support of a family’s right to decide what is best for their child. With a deep respect for the care and intelligence of our community we will continue to support the diverse range of parental choice when it comes to vaccinations.

– Dr. Catherine Clinton

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