Our powders pack the goodness of nature into a daily supplement and we took great care to make sure that's the only thing in our powder. Transparency is everything when trying to care for your family and we want to share it all with you. We stand behind everything that goes into our powders, from the research to the ingredients to the rigorous testing we take at each stage of production and beyond. We are so proud of this process we want to share every bit with you!

No Dairy

Our powders are 100% dairy and casein free. Our probiotics are cultured on a hypoallergenic medium to avoid any allergy issues.

No Gluten

Our powders are 100% gluten free.


Our powders are 100% non-GMO.

Nothing Artificial

There is absolutely nothing artificial in any of our powders.

Rigorous Testing

We perform numerous rigorous tests to ensure the quality of our powders.

Food Based

Our powders are food based nutrition.

Nothing Hidden

All ingredients are listed on the label.

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