• Nine strains of probiotics that deliver 9 billion CFUs per scoop
  • Infant/sensitive gut friendly probiotics without harsh D-lactic acid
  • Organic whole food based carrier to avoid unnecessary junk

WellBelly is a unique blend of nine different non-dairy probiotics that support intestinal, digestive and immune health in infants, children and adults. We are proud to offer an organic, whole food based probiotic blend that contains no solvent derived, isolated sugar or GMO probiotic carriers. While probiotic carriers accompany probiotics in very small amounts, we believe every bit counts when it comes to our children. Our probiotics are grown on a hypoallergenic yeast to avoid common food allergens. Our probiotics do not produce the D form of lactic acid that can irritate digestive tracts. We wanted an organic, whole food option that avoided a daily exposure to unnecessary junk for our family and are proud to share it with yours!