Pomegranate Elderberry Gummies!

Pomegranate Elderberry Gummies

These gummies are a great way to boost the immune system in a variety of ways. The elderberry is a powerful immune booster and anti-viral. Both the elderberry and pomegranate are loaded with antioxidants which helps support a healthy immune system. This gelatin-based gummy also provides the digestive tract with the beneficial amino acids that promote a healthy gi tract. I often sprinkle our WellBelly probiotics and WellDaily multivitamin after the gummy blend has cooled a bit for an even bigger boost. These gummies are tart and some might like adding a little raw honey to the slightly cooled blend as well.


16 ounces pomegranate juice

8 Tbsp of gelatin (I prefer the cleaner grass-fed brands like Great Lakes and Vital Proteins)

4 tsp of elderberry syrup

ΒΌ-1/2 cup of raw honey (optional)

4-5 scoops of WellDaily multivitamin (optional)

4-5 scoops of WellBelly probiotics (optional)

Heat pomegranate juice until slightly warmer than lukewarm. Warm enough to dissolve the gelatin but not hot enough to break the bonds- warm to the touch but not too hot is the best way I can describe. Play with it, it’s easy to find the right temperature.

Mix in gelatin slowly, a small amount at a time until it completely dissolves. Add optional ingredients to finish.

Pour into greased mold or small casserole dish, chill for 30-60 minutes and ENJOY!

Can be stored in the fridge for a week or frozen for 3-4 months although the texture is much softer after being frozen.

What are your favorite gummy recipes?

– Dr. Catherine Clinton ND

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