Elderberry Blackberry Cream Cold and Flu Popsicles

Trying to find something to soothe your child during a cold or flu can be hard. This recipe is one of our favorite ‘treats’ when the kids aren’t well (I’ve been known to have one or two when sick too). These immune boosting popsicles are a piece of cake to make and are handy to have around during cold and flu season. They taste great and can be quite soothing when your little ones are sick.

Elderberry Cream Cold and Flu Popsicles 

12 ounces of organic coconut milk

2 teaspoons of elderberry syrup

1 and ½ cup of organic blackberries fresh or frozen

Raw honey-optional to taste (honey should not be used by infants under 1 year due to concerns about infant botulism.)

Blend ingredients in a blender until completely blended. Pour contents into popsicles molds and freeze for at least 3 and ½ hours. Enjoy!

The elderberry in the popsicles helps fend off viruses. An active component in elderberry doesn’t allow the virus to bind and replicate, making it a great addition to any cold and flu recipe. The monolaurin in the coconut milk in the popsicles is also an effective anti-microbial helping to fight infections. And last but not least, the blackberries in this frozen treat are packed with antioxidants and other phytonutrients that help keep the immune system running strong.

– Dr. Catherine Clinton ND

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